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ORC: You just came of your first major win at the Tough Like RORR extreme event.  Congratulation.  How did you manage to beat well know riders like Groemm, Baylor, Ashburn, Fahringer, Redmond and Gerston?

BK: I really enjoy the Tough Like RORR event, the club puts on an awesome race. The track is very tight, technical, and rocky. I am very comfortable in the nasty, rocky terrain as that is what I grew up riding and still ride a lot back home in New England. I knew with such a big pro purse there were going to be a lot of big names competing. I got a really good start in the final race entering the woods first. From there I charged to pull a gap and focused on racing the track. I tried not to think about all the big name guys chasing me down. I am confident in my riding ability and knew after being the runner up last year I had as good of a chance as any at taking home the win. 

ORC: You are currently sitting in 5 th place at the GNCC XC2.  Did you expect to be in this position when the year started?

BK: I didn't want to set my expectations too high heading into the year as this is my first year competing in the entire GNCC series. The majority of the tracks are new to me, so my biggest goal for the year was to finish each and every race and gain as much experience as I could. I have had my ups and downs over the year but I have landed inside the top 5 more often than not, and even finished on the podium twice, so I would say it has been a successful year so far.

ORC: Last year you did mainly New England races if I'm correct.  Did those race prepare you for the GNCC series?

BK: Correct, I mainly raced the local NETRA Harescramble series, the J Day Offroad Sprint Enduro and GP series. I feel my background racing the NETRA hare scrambles, which are two hours long, prepared me pretty well for the three GNCC's. The hardest part I had to get used to and adjust for was the extra hour, but I am getting better and not having to pace myself as much as the year goes on. 

ORC: This year you making big strides in your results.  What is the big difference from last year?

BK: No major changes from last year to this year. I just have a lot of amazing support from my family, friends, and sponsors. 

ORC: Tell us a little more about the team (Trail Jesters) your ride for, an untraditional team that is based off a local club.

BK: Trail Jesters was founded as a private club in 2008. But rider support and focus was ramped way up in January 2014 with the launch of Trail Jesters Racing. Trail Jesters Racing is owned by Ross Mauri and is dedicated to supporting New England riders as they pursue their dirt bike passion. Building a solid XC2 GNCC effort, winning the JDay Offroad Sprint Enduro overall and Women's championships, winning the NETRA Hare Scramble and Enduro Championships and representing our country well at the ISDE in Spain are the top 2016 goals for TJR.

ORC: How were the last 2 ISDE (Argentina and Slovakia) experience for you?

BK: Both of my experiences to the ISDE were incredible. It is truly amazing and an honor to represent USA at six days. Argentina was special because it was my first, and also the endless sand dunes and desert style terrain was like nothing I had ever seen before.  Slovakia was a lot more like home, the terrain was a lot like what I am used to riding. Some of the huge mountain tops we rode over had some of the most scenic views I had ever seen.

ORC: What are your goals and expectations for the ISDE?

BK: My goals for this years ISDE in Spain are to finish on gold and hopefully within the top five overall club riders. Most of all I want the club team I am riding on, Team Trail Jesters, to finish as the overall club team.  I feel we have a good chances at doing so, and look forward to seeing what Spain has in store for us.

ORC: How can people support you for this expensive race?

BK: Myself along with the other two riders on my club team (Josh Toth and Jason Klammer) are working with our sponsors on T-shirts which will be available soon. We are also planning an ISDE fundraiser/Trail Jester ride day on Saturday, September 3rd in Massachusetts. 

ORC: What do you do for a living?

BK: Student at Central Connecticut State University.

ORC: Where do you hope to be in your racing career next year?

BK: I hope to just keep progressing and moving forward. I want to consistently be on the XC2 podium next year, battling for wins and for the XC2 championship. It has always been a dream of mine to ride for a factory support team, so I am going to keep working towards achieving that goal.